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Key Values


At St. Botolph’s CEVCP School we believe in providing a safe, stimulating, challenging and supportive environment. Our pupils are encouraged to become life-long learners with a thirst for discovery.

To this end, we uphold the following values:

  • a love of learning
  • the celebration of achievement
  • a strong partnership between home and school
  • respect and consideration for all; valuing everyone, irrespective of difference
  • personal responsibility and self-discipline
  • leadership, and service to others
  • respect for the Christian traditions and ethos of our school.


St. Botolph's School strives to welcome all children into a caring and secure environment in which they will feel valued, safe, happy and ready to learn.

We encourage positive attitudes, good manners, and respect for all. We believe in building individual self-esteem and offer every child the opportunity to excel as well as they can in an environment that recognises achievement in all areas.

St. Botolph's is a school in which every member has a vital role to play and we believe that it will have a lasting impression and effect upon each individual and that it will form the foundations for continuing education to adult life.  Through encouraging the pupils to take a share of responsibility and to feel positive about themselves, children are taught the Christian principle that everyone counts because every life is important and valuable.

St. Botolph's is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, and is proud of its association with the Church and the local Parishes that it serves. It endeavours to participate in its festivals and celebrations and promote a Christian way of life. The Rector has an active role in the daily life of the school and leads morning assembly on a regular basis.

The School curriculum is broad and balanced to give consideration to knowledge, skills and attitudes within agreed guidelines. The pupils' activities will show progression and will be carefully monitored to ensure that individual needs are met.

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