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St Botolph's decarbonisation project 2022-23

The pupils at St Botolph's have always shown an eager interest in the environment and protecting the future of the planet.  The school has an active Eco committee that has pushed the Green agenda in our school.  There is no doubt that the children want a clean and green future.  With this in mind we wanted to do all we could to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the school.

The work of the Governing body and SLT has been inspired by the passion of the children, especially a group from Yr6 2021, who voiced real concerns about the state of our planet.  They asked the question, " are we doing enough and shouldn't we be doing more?" It was agreed that the adults needed to rise to the concerns of the children and explore what more we could do.  

During the Summer of 2021 we started to see if/how we could reduce the carbon footprint of our school.

This page will aim to share the journey we have now started.

August 22

Contractors on site.  Work is well underway in the roof spaces where new pipes and cables are being placed.  Admin block , EYFS, Library and Art room are being upgraded first. 

Trench for new power cable will be dug next week!

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